Theatre Arts is at the centre of the cultural expression of Caribbean peoples. A a discipline, Theatre Arts tends to reflect life and contributes uniquely to the spiritual, social, emotional and aesthetics growth of an individual.

Dance and Drama are two major components of Theatre Arts. The third component Stagecraft links Dance and Drama by providing the crafts and skills required for producing theatre.

Through Theatre Arts we are able to express our deepest emotions, thus satisfying our innate urge to communicate. it is this urge to communicate that helps us to interact with the world. Theatre Arts provide an important means of understanding, constructing, appreciating and communicating social and cultural values, interpreting, valuing and transmitting the traditions of the past, and exploring, celebrating and challenging the present and imagining the future.

Theatre Arts make use of a variety of arts such as dancing, choreographing, acting, playwriting and directing; a variety of crafts such as those of the carpenter, painter, artist and designer; and a variety of skills such as organisation, coordination and stage management of activities.

Thus, the Theatre Arts syllabus is organised to be taught and experienced under three main organising principles namely, Analyzing and Appreciating, Performing and Creating through Dance, Drama and Stagecraft. As such Theatre Arts should not be conceived of as three distinct disciplines. Rather, the Theatre Arts syllabus has been designed to provide experiences that would enable the student to appreciate and communicate theatrical events with their minds as well as their senses, emotions and their bodies, thereby fostering self-confidence, self-discipline and self-motivation.